RMT & Physio



Wild Life Gym offers physiotherapy therapy on site. We are pleased to welcome Kristine Slater to the team!

Kristine strongly believes that exercise is medicine and that nobody should have to accept living in pain. Her physiotherapy approach is not only to help you recover from acute injury, but also find prevention strategies for the future. Her treatments often include manual therapy and dry-needling. With her background in personal training and kinesiology, she enjoys getting creative with exercises for movement re-education to help you reach your goals.

Kristine has a special interest in working with all athletes. As a rugby player for 15+ years, she has experienced her fair share of injuries and understands the ups and downs of rehabilitation. She now works with local club and provincial rugby teams, is the physiotherapist for Canada Netball. Kristine also partakes in Pole fitness and is part of the Australian based Pole Physio team.

Kristine also enjoys all things outdoors including skiing, hiking, camping, and climbing as well as water sports.

Kristine holds a Masters degree in Physiotherapy.



Kristine Slater is currently offering Run Assessments.  This session is great for all levels of runners who want to improve their running efficiency and work on injury prevention. It’s a 90 minute comprehensive assessment that includes body scan, strength and mobility testing and then a video run analysis done on the treadmill.



Kyra Klein and Matthew Johnson are now offering physiotherapy and bodywork at Wild Life Gym and we couldn’t be more stoked!

Kyra holds a Master’s in Physiotherapy and uses a holistic analysis of activity, lifestyle, and injury history to determine the root cause, rather than simply treating symptoms. Kyra emphasizes a balance between treatment, movement, and education to empower her patients to lead a healthy lifestyle regardless of injury history and other diagnoses. She will help you unpack your personal biomechanics and provide a clear approach to optimized movement.

Matthew is a bodyworker, physio assistant, therapeutic trainer, and national climbing coach. He combines deep tissue massage with dynamic movement to enhance your connection to your body and increase sport performance.


Registered Massage Therapy

Dana Finnie is currently injured and hopes to return soon. While she is healing she has been taking the extra time to paint.  Her gorgeous paintings are hanging up around the gym and are for sale.  Please contact her if you’re interested in purchasing one.