Group Fitness Classes



An intense full body strength and conditioning class. Expect to use kettlebells, ropes, barbells, dumbbells, your bodyweight, the rowing ergs and more…so much more! Suitable for all levels, no prior fitness experience is required. Just a desire to learn and work hard.


This is a core conditioning class that emphasizes strengthening the abdominal, pelvic and lower back regions of the body. Having a strong core is the foundation to all proper movement. The ability to stabilize and properly engage your core while bending over, squatting, running, (pretty much everything) is SO important, that we’ve dedicated a whole class to it. This is a great class to attend if you’re looking to up your game in any sport or athletic activity or if you want more functional strength and confidence in your body. Everyone is welcome.


The performance strength class focuses on long term strength development with an emphasis on technique and safe progression. Using the right blend of barbell, kettlebell, and body weight training, this class will enhance your physical capabilities and better prepare you for the your given sport. Classes will also incorporate breathwork and mobility training to build a solid foundation, improve recovery and mitigate injury.

FlowState is a foundational training method created to achieve physical and mental readiness for not one activity or sport alone, but a number of outdoor activities and extreme sports.
This method fuses together several training practices including kettlebells, calisthenics, yoga and metabolic conditioning.
The result is a well-rounded athlete with range, who is ready to perform at their peak level and who doesn’t back down from challenge, but rather sees it as a way to reach a hyper-focused, meditative state of flow.


This is a challenging circuit style class designed to increase endurance and challenge your aerobic capacity.

HIIT is short for High Intensity Interval Training which involves high energy outputs resulting in high caloric expenditure. Elevate your heart rate and get sweaty.


Do you like being able to count on your body to do fun things – or how about simple mundane tasks like putting on your socks? If you agree that injuries aren’t fun, this class is what you need. The Durability class is based on the principles of the FRC (functional range conditioning) systems. The focus will be on developing USABLE ranges of motion by increasing joint workspace. Expect to improve your flexibility, body control and awareness and physical longevity. That translates to – you’ll get to stay in your climbing harness longer and put in more mileage on the trails. Or confidently pick up your child. You get the picture. Everyone (except maybe infants) can benefit from this class.


Complement all of your hard work and hard play by restoring the body to a relaxed and balanced state. Combining the Principles of Stretch Therapy and FRC ( Functional Range Conditioning) with specific breathing techniques, we will move through a whole range of stretches and mobilizations to decrease nagging pain, release stress, optimize recovery and improve sleep. Stay strong and be ready for the next adventure outside or workout in the gym!


Combine the familiar flow of a vinyasa practice with focused strength and mobility exercises. Experience the difference it makes to isolate specific areas of the body, activate often-overlooked muscle groups and integrate that newfound awareness into arm balances, inversions, standing postures and backbends. Yoga Detour classes are the perfect complement to regular strength training, enhancing overall capacity through movement and mobilization.


Improve your passive mobility and give your mind some quiet time in this slow paced yoga class. Props and bolsters are used and poses are held for longer periods of time. You will feel relaxed and open afterwards. No prior yoga or fitness experience is necessary.


Vinyasa yoga will help you build strength, flexibility, balance and mindfulness. Synching each movement with your own breath, this moderately-paced flow class will help you feel centred, focussed and restored. In the practice we will work to increase strength and flexibility, while moving, flowing and shifting energy. Expect to move, breathe, stretch, strengthen, relax and restore balance. No matter your experience, there is something for everyone, and you will leave feeling grounded and calm.