Strength and Mobility Specialist

Dave Melanson is a coach with a keen eye!  He loves to unpack the specifics of movement patterns and you’ll likely pick up a thing or two after being coached by Dave.  He is a pillar of our Squamish community and is often found volunteering and helping out with various events around town.  Dave runs the Youth Athletics program at Wild Life and has been operating and coaching with Sea to Sky Athletics since 2015. Raised on Salt Spring Island, Dave grew up learning to appreciate the unique challenges found in our local terrain. He settled in Squamish almost 10 years ago to further his passion for mountain-based endurance sports, from peak scrambling ski touring to 100-mile running events. Dave holds multiple certifications in coaching, human movement and mechanics, athletic development, youth sports and physical literacy. His range of clients includes everyone: kids to adults, beginners to pros, runners to lifters.