Strength and Mobility Specialist

As a kinesiologist and fitness coach, Addy is dedicated to empowering individuals on their journey to better health and well being. With a diverse background in physical rehabilitation, Addy excels in helping clients prevent and treat injuries through customized strength training. Navigating the healthcare system can be a daunting and overwhelming task, but with her extensive experience working in public health, Addy specializes in helping her clients maneuver through this complex landscape. With a deep understanding of healthcare policies, insurance, and medical procedures, she provides invaluable guidance and support to individuals both awaiting surgery and recovering from surgery. Addy is committed to alleviating the stress and confusion often associated with healthcare, allowing clients to focus on their recovery with confidence and peace of mind.

Addy is from Nanoose Bay, BC, a small town on Vancouver Island. She has a hard time sitting still; you can often find her outside trail running, climbing, mountain biking, swimming, or petting a dog. On the off chance you find her inside, she is probably planning her next core class, doing a sudoku, or eating a Fox and Oak donut. Addy loves getting to know the folks at the gym, so if you see her around, come say hello!