Welcome to our first blog post at Wild Life Gym

November 7, 2023
Tiera Wilson

2-3 minute read

We have recently revamped our website (thank you Sally Bell – @whitespacedesign), and have decided to include a place for sharing what we find interesting and helpful. Perhaps even educational. Our team of coaches is a knowledgeable bunch if I do say so, and I would love to share as much of what we collectively know in the hopes that some of you may find it engaging and helpful. In this blog we will share what is making us excited in the field of strength, movement, breathwork, endurance training, healthy aging, mobility, yoga, nutrition, health span, injury prevention, and other tips and tricks that have worked for us and our clients over the years.

If you are new to the Wild Life community, welcome! I will give a little back story to catch you up. Five years ago, my husband Steve and I opened Wild Life back in September of 2018. We left our hometown of Regina, Saskatchewan in January 2017 with the outdoor temperature in our car reading -38 (sans windchill). We drove west to spend 5-6 months deciding which mountain town to settle in and open our dream boutique gym. Squamish was always our number 1 choice, but we wanted to be absolutely sure. We enjoyed our time in the interior, but there’s something about the special blend of mountains, ocean and huge trees that is tough to beat. We found a leased space in Squamish and got to work.

We started off as just the two of us (3 including our puppy at the time, Maple) and have now grown to a team of 13, with RMT and physiotherapy. Shortly after opening Wild Life, we realized there was a niche in town for a service providing thoughtful and regular mobility work, and mindful strength + conditioning training. We wanted every class to include joint health and durability training. We hammered the basic movement patterns (hip hinging, squatting, OH pressing/pulling and planking). Our workouts weren’t always fast and sweaty. We found magic in tuning in and moving with intention.

Five years and a pandemic and a toddler later (see pics below), we’re still aiming to do things differently. We’re still choosing smaller class sizes and more attention to coaching. The goal has always been to feel and move better so biking, running, getting up in the morning, skiing, hiking, climbing, playing on the floor with your kids, kiting etc. feels stronger, faster and smoother. As a coach it can be challenging to find the right middle ground between training the “boring” fundamentals while still programming an exciting, novel and playful workout. We’re always striving for that balance. I can’t say enough about our team of coaches and therapists. I love them all. Each one brings something unique to the gym, that the rest of us can learn from. I’m hoping this blog space will share and highlight the interests of our team and encourage all of the learning.

Thank you for reading and see you at the gym soon!