What we do

The coaches at Wild Life Gym lead group classes designed to develop physical literacy and improve strength and mobility. We also offer personal training, small group training, and high performance athletic training. Every coach in our facility is driven by movement and the desire to be better.

Our Philosophy

We believe that movement, mindfulness and what you eat are within your control and essential to maximizing healthspan – the length a time of person is healthy, not just alive. Studying, practicing and improving upon these three components are what make us most excited. We strive to create a community that lifts each other up to their highest potential. Our coaches are continually learning and we expect you will too.


Train Wild

Our workouts involve things like kettlebells, battle ropes, rings, barbells and of course body weight training. We start off every class with a thoughtful warm up that always involves mobility work. We follow up with intelligent exercise sequencing based on the latest movement, strength and conditioning research designed to get you the most for the time you put in.

Live Wild

Squamish is abundant with adventure opportunities. We love exploring our backyard on bikes, skis, boats, by foot and in climbing harnesses. Wild Life Gym is here to serve your adventurous lifestyle, by providing a pathway to a more durable, strong and mobile body. Invest in your health and discover what your body can do for you when it’s functioning well.

Why Choose
Wild Life Gym

  • We design thoughtful, sustainable programs that empower you with knowledge on proper lifting technique and movement patterns. We also have the most fun.

  • Our coaches are continually learning and passing on the latest in movement coaching and strength and conditioning research. You’ll find a supportive environment where you’re listened to, guided and supported at each interaction.

A Different

  • Each workout begins with pre-hab movements and drills designed and implemented specifically to prepare your body for the workout ahead.

  • We offer a free assessment and consultation for each person starting out at our gym.
    We’ll look at how you move, and assess your strengths and weaknesses through our carefully chosen movement screen.

Our Community

  • We founded Wild Life Gym to surround ourselves with a community of like-minded individuals who want to have fun and improve their day to day life. It’s that simple.

  • There’s something profound about training in the company of like-minded people who genuinely care about your success and happiness as a person. Come find out for yourself.



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Come visit us and check out the facility. We’d be honoured to show you around and answer your questions.

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